What you should know about hedgehogs

Hedgehogs, despite the spines on their bodies, are much loved. The unfortunate fact is that the lives of these animals are constantly under threat. Often in gardens, these small animals are smothered by waste, with domestic animals being in the same place as them. Learn more about this animal through this article.

What are hedgehogs like?

Hedgehogs are mammals that are very quickly recognized. They are animals whose bodies are covered with white-tipped spines. They weigh between 400 and 1800 g as weight. The length of its waste is limited to 30 cm. This small animal is semi-nocturnal and sleeps most of the time during the day.
Indeed, they are mammals that spend their time hunting prey at night for food. Hedgehogs often explore areas of 3 to 10 hectares. This explains why they move from garden to garden in search of a better life. This species of animal overwinters throughout the winter months.
To see a hedgehog in full activity, you should look out for the interval between April and September at dusk. Hedgehogs can be spotted by their noise. If alarmed, they will curl up in a ball and make little calls. Hedgehogs have an easier time climbing, digging, and swimming.

Other important things to know about this species

Hedgehog habitation is not difficult to notice. These mammals live in forests, broadleaf woods, and hedgerows. They also live in hedges and in the place where they are usually noticed, gardens. To protect themselves from the winter, they form a nest with dry grass and dead leaves.
The hedgehogs' diet revolves around snails, beetles, earthworms, and slugs. They also eat insects. These insectivores also eat the same foods as the cat. This animal has a very good sense of hearing and smell as well as sight.