A wolf seen at the entrance to Lyon: a first for over a century

A wolf was photographed between 9 and 10 April. This is information given by the Rhône prefecture. The animal was seen a few kilometres from the entrance to Lyon, and this is a first for over 100 years.

The facts

Called Canis lupus lupus in scientific terms, the grey wolf was spotted in Beaujolais, precisely the commune of Chambost-Allières. It is a locality located 50 km from Lyon. The Rhône prefecture has learned that this animal was seen during the night of 9 to 10 April. This information was released on Monday 10 May 2021.
A few days after the appearance of this animal in the region, predator attacks were noted. Two sheep were killed by a predator in Vaux-en-Beaujolais. According to the facts, this was the work of a predator in search of prey. The French Biodiversity Office has identified the predator's borrowings.
But it remains to be seen whether this animal will choose this department as its home. Questions still remain. From the prefecture's opinions, there is no evidence that this species will take this area to stay permanently.

The first presence observed

This is not the first time a wolf has been seen in this area. A first presence was recorded in the mountain ranges well over a century ago. In 1992, a wolf was spotted in the Southern Alps in France. The animal had established itself in the main mountain ranges of France.
It is not so surprising to notice the presence of canids outside these areas. And this happens about twice a year. Indeed, this is observed during autumn and spring. However, there are specific reasons for this frequency.
According to the indications given by the prefecture, the wolf would have left its pack in search of a sexual partner. The wolf is therefore said to be searching for a colony, travelling from region to region.

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