The LPO care centre's wish for a less traumatic surgery room

In Gironde, a veterinary care center has launched an alert to have its own adapted room for more ease of work. This is the LPO care center specializing in animal surgery. Welcoming more than 4,000 animals, the center wants better conditions in order to carry out thorough examinations.

An appeal for donations launched

The LPO care center has launched an appeal for donations to make the services more efficient. Indeed, it is a center established in Audence in Gironde for 20 years. It is also located in the Dordogne and in the Lot-et-Garonne. Each year, it receives more than 70% of the four thousand birds that come. Reptiles and mammals are also among the animals.
For this purpose, a room adapted to surgery is needed for animals needing this care to get back on their feet. This is to reduce the stress of the operations as much as possible. It should be noted that this center is well equipped with materials. But to make good use of this equipment, it needs its own surgery room. It hopes to have the means by September to equip itself with a room as desired.
The center has personnel who know how to operate on animals. This is a veterinarian that the center recruited on February for animal care.

The treatment of the animals taken in

The center takes in four thousand animals of different species per year. Birds alone account for 71% of the total number. Mammals account for 28% and reptiles for 1%. About a third of the animals suffer from trauma. Thus, they will need surgical care with thorough examinations to get the animals back on their feet quickly.
In addition, others have open fractures that require serious care. When the animals first arrive, a full diagnosis is made to detect any ailments the animals may be suffering from. For animals with contagious diseases, there is an isolation room where they are quarantined.