The man who saw a bear in the Pyrenees: a third time in his life

A man discovers a bear for the third time. He says that he feels a sense of wonder at the same time. This time it was a discovery by an Ariege man and a hiker at the beginning of May. The couple took a photo of this animal as soon as it came out of hibernation. In fact, the presence of bears in this area is noticed.

An impressive discovery

About 65 days are counted in the Pyrenees. At the beginning of this month of May, a young bear was spotted and photographed by hikers in Ari├Ęge. The hiker reported that this was the third time in 15 years. He calls it a wonder. The hiker couple's path crossed that of the young bear in the Pyrenees at an altitude of 2,200 meters.
The bear was seen from the couple's position several times and took the direction while on the snow. The hikers were able to follow it for about 100 meters until the bear merged with the stones. This appearance of bears is explained by the fact that they come out during the hibernation period to look for food.
But the hiker refused to say the exact place where he saw the bear with someone else. He explains that it is because of his love for nature that he prefers not to share the place where he made a new bear discovery. His intention is to avoid those who are against this species on the massif thinking about their eradication.

No need to worry

All the moments they spent watching the young bear were captured on camera. The couple filmed the wanderings of the young bear, which is estimated to be about two years old. The hikers were quick to share the footage of the animal. This was not the man's first discovery. He had already seen a plantigrade on the same path 15 years before.
But ten years ago, the hiker said, he had also seen a bear, which he had moved away from at the time. But this time he didn't want to miss this wonder of nature.